Jordan Petersen 14-10-2021 at 13:04:33

Wish you could come over to see it framed. My Almond Tree is just like the original in the Museum in Amsterdam. Very happy, thank you.

Kavita Doslov 16-09-2021 at 17:01:41

Thank you for shipping your beautiful artwork all the way to the Philipines. I’ll order again. Maybe my next one will be a Klimt.

Gregory Dwyer 14-09-2021 at 11:40:12

The Tree Roots painting I received actually brightens up my whole house. As if the power of the thick brushstrokes and bright colors reach all the way from my basement to my attic. Can’t wait to see the original one day.

Willem Reinen 25-08-2021 at 14:20:49

Very happy with 'my weaver'. I saw the original in the Kroller_Muller museum in The Netherlands. My mother and my grandmother wove the curtains for our house 50 years ago. Brings back sweet memories. Thank you Van Gogh Studio. - Willem

Paul Corrigan 24-08-2021 at 09:59:50

Very happy to receive a replica of this amazing quality. Off to the framers. Cheers from Boston.

Daryl 09-08-2021 at 14:13:58

Hi Erik,

I saw the paintings when I brought them to the framer, and I must say, they are beautiful. Thanks again for the excellent work. :)

Even the framer himself said he's never seen such high quality reproductions before.

- Daryl.
(Vase with Zinnias and Other Flowers and Wheat Field with Cypress)

Carla Monteiro 09-08-2021 at 14:07:04

I can’t descibe why exactly, but The Mulberry Tree has always been my favorite Van Gogh. I’ve never been to Pasadena to see the original, so I haven’t been able to compare it, but to own a painted reproduction in this quality is really special. It is really like I have a real Van Gogh painting. Great job, and highly recommended for everyone who is a Van Gogh lover like me.

Walter Harkema 03-08-2021 at 21:45:18

After reading Van Gogh Studio’s blogs I started reading Vincent’s letters. What a man, what an artist. When I go for a hike I often try to imagine how Van Gogh would paint the views. It actually motivates me to do everything in life in my own way. Just like Vincent found his way. Thank you Erik and Van Gogh Studio. This is much more than a beautiful replica.

Steffan Smits 31-07-2021 at 09:37:50

So perhaps my replica is not 100% similar, but at least 99,5%. I am pretty sure it could fool many people in the Van Gogh Museum if we swapped the real one with mine. Or maybe we did ;). Keep doing what you do guys. I’m a more than happy customer and will buy again soon.

Sheryl McDevitt 27-07-2021 at 16:35:17

My Klimt painting has real gold in it. How cool is that! When I walk around in my living room I can see it change color. This is magic. Can’t believe I once bought posters.

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