Let the painting guide you.

Do you want to frame a Van Gogh replica or another oil painting?

The tips in this video may help you selecting the right frame.
      22-11-2018 13:09     Comments ( 1 )
Comments (1)
 Bob Miller -  10-07-2019

Nice Video Erik. Very helpful videos to ones who believe frames help make a painting. I myself believe they are very important in beautifying works of art, even if a person thinks the one they have is beautiful enough without a frame. That was Vincent's logic,... he thought his works looked better in white washed frames instead of these massive frames found in the museums. Well that right, you can over decorate, and under decorate,... it just depends on what you are framing. Some look better in barn wood and others framed in more appropriate frames, depending on what you are framing. Some people just don't have the right abilities to pick out what they really need for what they have. You and your staff looks to me like you know exactly at what and how different works need to be framed. I believe I'd take your guys opinion over a lot of framing I have seen over my life time of collecting art. Although a lot of the art that I had bought and collected it helped me out in my price rang a lot the way they had been framed. lol