Irises Van Gogh reproduction Irises Van Gogh replica large Irises reproduction detail Irises replica detail Framed Irises Oil Painting Reproduction アイリス   手描き油彩複製画  アイリス   手描き油彩複製画  detail Irises reproduction detail Irises replica Interior with Irises Oil Painting Reproduction
Irises Van Gogh reproduction Irises Van Gogh replica large Irises reproduction detail Irises replica detail Framed Irises Oil Painting Reproduction アイリス   手描き油彩複製画  アイリス   手描き油彩複製画  detail Irises reproduction detail Irises replica Interior with Irises Oil Painting Reproduction
アイリス  手描き油彩複製画
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A beautiful rendition of irises drawn from nature. The painting is heavily influenced by Japanese woodcut art, with its cropped composition and flat light, giving the painting a magical quality.


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Cambize - 31-12-2022 12:52


So beautiful

I feel very fortunate

Thank you so much

Kurt Ypenburg - 13-07-2022 10:16

I was lucky to see the original Irises in LA. The replica is like the best souvenir ever to a fantastic museum visit. The detail and thickness of the paint is stunning. Very impressive.

Kim Stone - 11-07-2021 09:42

I received a van Gogh Studio gift voucher for my birthday. It wasn’t easy to choose, there are so many beautiful Van Gogh paintings. But the Irises is my all time favorite. I saw the original in LA. Of course the original should be in a museum to be shown to the world. But mine is really just like it. Thank you very much!

Tanya D. - 09-12-2020 10:00

Hi Erik! We received the beautiful painting! I could not stop admiring it last night! I love it! We will take it this weekend to see about framing. I’ll share once we have it done and hung! Thank you again for my first Van Gogh oil painting!

Ginger Hills - 03-12-2020 15:22

I’ve bought two different oil paintings on canvas and they are absolutely beautiful. The packaging and delivery were on point and everything was received in impeccable condition. Overall a great shopping experience and would definitely use this company in the future. I would also recommend it to anyone who is looking for quality art reproductions.

Tracy - 05-11-2020 10:59

Hi Erik,

I received the painting yesterday. The color of the painting is even better than it shows on the website. I love it immediately! I would hang it in my family room next to my garden which will be full of Iris blooming in the spring.

What a wonderful experience with you! I would enjoy the iris before the next spring comes. Thank you so much for your efforts! I wish the best to all of you in this extraordinary year!


Jordite M. - 30-09-2020 12:56

Very good replica. Talented work, obviously done with a lot of care and dedication. I like the colors, especially the dark tones that look very similar to the original. I will be ordering more.

Ben N. - 16-12-2019 20:25

I wanted my painting to have other proportions so it would fit my beautiful antique frame. Instead of leaving out some of the painting the artist just created some extra Irises. Excellent service! Thank you Ben N.

Hendrick de D. - 27-11-2019 20:18

My local framer was impressed by Van Gogh Studio’s quality. You can feel the soul of the artist who admires Van Gogh himself. Unfortunately we tried a cheaper company online first, which was very disappointing. Next order will definitely be from Van Gogh Studio again! Warmest regards, Hendrick

Richard O. - 11-09-2019 16:43

My credit card company blocked my overseas purchase first, but that was the only thing that didn’t go smoothly. Compliments the painting my Irises to the artist and to Erik for his outstanding service. Will buy again. Thanks, Richard.

Robert V. - 08-07-2019 11:38

I decided to give my wife 'The Irises' for our 25th wedding anniversary. Erik told me that Irises represents (amongst others) 'friendship with you means a lot to me'. The quality of the painting exceeds all of my and my wife's expectations. Erik, thank you for your advice and wonderful service!


Angela N. - 28-06-2019 12:04

It is nice to notice the passion of a small company giving their everything to make the best possible product. Also the customer service of Van Gogh Studio is of very high and personal level.

That experience all together makes me enjoy my Irises replica even more. Thank you! Angela.

Paul Dominique - 26-11-2018 15:33

My experience of working with VGS has been very pleasant. My emails have been answered within hours and the gentleman who owns the company was always there to guide me through the process of selection, ordering, payment and shipment.

The painting has been delivered in time, with the right packaging and in excellent condition. The quality of the painting – from paint thickness and craftiness to colors and the truthfulness of the strokes – is superb. I highly recommend VGS and look forward to working with them again.

Lars Rystedt - 15-06-2017 11:46

Just came home from Amsterdam after a visit to Van Gogh Studio. Erik showed me some fantastic oil reproduction of Van Gogh’s work. Before I went I had already decided to buy ”Almond in blossum”. On the way home I regretted that I did not buy a couple more paintings availble so I did an additional order over the net and bought a couple of Van Gogh Studio reproductions. They all look amazing. .

Earlier I bought ”15 sunflowers in a vase” printed on canvas from Van Gogh museum. It’s nothing wrong with this one but it looks quite flat and dull in comparison. To get that vibrant texture you want you do need a quality oil reproduction done.

I have bought one or two oil reproductions earlier over the net but was dissapointed to say the least. Poor quality in the finish. Van Gogh Studio however have some really good artist doing the work.

You can of course, if money is no object, buy a 3 D print from Van Gogh museum from the ”Relievo collections” for 25.000 Euro each, but I doubt that non experts like me will enjoy it that much more.

Many thank’s to Erik and the artists at Van Gogh Studio.


Geoff C. - 29-05-2017 16:35


I was able to talk to my girlfriend today. She actually just received the package. Thank you for being so diligent about following up with me.

Your customer service has been outstanding and it definitely makes me want to purchase from your company again.

Thank you again so much. By the way my girlfriend loves the painting!