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Comments (3)
 Peter Reid -  27-01-2020

Paul Gauguin's portrait of Van Gogh, 'the Painter of Sunflowers' (1888), clearly shows van Gogh holding the palette in his left hand and painting with his right. That's pretty compelling evidence he was right-handed.

 Anthony Holbourn -  26-12-2019

I wondered whether he was left-handed because his brush-strokes seem to run from right to left. To produce such an impression he wd have either to push the brush with his right hand or tilt his right hand over his fingers so that he could draw the brush away from him. I wd be interested in the observations of anyone else, based on a thoughtful observation of his work. I haven't looked at enough yet to feel certain. As for the evidence of his self-portraits, it is ambivalent and can be argued either way.

 Jerry -  11-11-2019

He may have been a righty because he cut off his left ear.